Saturday, December 20, 2014


At the end of November I got James addicted to an iPad game based on the Simpsons. We are "friends" in the game and can visit each other's towns. Kinda fun :)


Charlie Brown Holidays

Grandma Laura loves Charlie Brown and the gang. We knew it would be perfect to go to a holiday play with her. I'm so glad that I found this option and Jim was able to buy the tickets for us to go!

The play was at the Old Log Theatre. It was quite the drive away! We first had brunch in this fancy little cafe attached to the theatre. And then it was time for us to get some Charlie Brown holiday cheer!


I couldn't take pictures during the play, but these are parts of the sets.



The play was pretty good!


It's really Christmas time!

Soon after Thanksgiving Jim gets our Christmas tree.

This year we found a nice little surprise in the tree.


James had a friend over, Sawyer, and he also took a look.


Neighbor friends ventured on to the pond. It was late November- I thought way too soon! I watched closely in case someone needed to call 911!

The stockings were hung...



James and his Dad put on the traditional star.


He's getting too big to be lifted, yet he's too small to do it alone.



"Mom, I think you have enough Eiffel Tower ornaments..."



And done!





Later on our little Chef helped with pizzas.

He ate very enthusiastically this night- he made special requests for tomatoes and lettuce on his pizza. Whatever works!


Looking forward to a great holiday!


To Grandma Rose

Birthday thank you. The only one that we really got to... Sorry all!



Thanksgiving 2014

We headed over to Grandma Laura's for a Thanksgiving feast.

James was only willing to take one quick picture, not wear his hat for the whole day as he told us originally.


I didn't take many pictures. Sorry!

James wrestles with his Uncle Joe.



Back at home, snuggling. James is definitely this Momma's boy. Constant hugs. I'm taking them while I can. I probably won't get them when he's 13!


James discovered the massage chair. "His" chair now!


Thankful for all of our friends and family!


Monday, December 1, 2014

Family night

There is a house in our neighborhood that goes all out with Christmas lights. This year there was a general invitation for the Lakes community to join them at their house lighting. Hot chocolate, cookies, and homebrewed beer for the adults. It was just a quick walk, but it was pretty dang cold.

The house before the lighting--


Kids were playing in the snow, wrestling. James joined but then ended up twisting his arm. Or someone twisted it. We never really figured it out. He was fine.




The house lit up---


We oooh'd and ahhhhh'd and then made our way home shortly after. It really was super cold outside. My hands were starting to hurt even though I had two pairs of mittens on!

We got home and discovered that Charlie Brown Thanksgiving would be on TV. We snuggled up on the couch and watched together. James took our selfie.


Day Off

It was a day off from school, for both James and myself, but I found a need to get to my school to do one last little thing. James was a trooper and came along.


He's always very polite when he meets the people at my building. The school secretaries just gush over him. And his eyelashes, of course.

He'd been wanting to meet my principal for a while. He had already but he doesn't remember. He wanted to discuss his mom's work hours- he says that I work too much and that I go to work too early in the morning. It is too dark when I leave!

My principal wasn't there but we did run into one of the assistant principals, Mr. Dahl. Mr. Dahl is a known wise ass and when James told him about our dilemma he had quite a chuckle. He made some choice comments about the work that I do and that I get plenty of breaks, so don't worry kid!

Oh well. Off to McDonald's!

I don't know about this pose. I think he was just trying to be funny.



His hair was getting quite long so we went for a haircut. We then went to Hans bakery for a reward.

Mmmmmmm Texas donut. We snagged the last two. I think the people behind me were pretty disappointed!



So when we got home James dug into his donut. I casually asked Jim if he had an easy day at work. He looked at me like I was crazy and said, I had the day off. I didn't know he had the day off! When I left the house he was on his laptop, like you see in the background of this picture. If I had known he had the day off I don't think I would've run all those errands I did and maybe we could've done something as a family though I am sure that Jim enjoyed his time to himself though :)


Winter neighbors

Winter is here. James can't just pick up and leave and go to the neighbor's house to see if they can play. There are snow pants, boots, gloves, a hat and a coat to deal with. And then you have to visit the bathroom before you put all that stuff on. It's a lot of work for a little kid.

I have most of the neighborhood moms' phone numbers at this point, so I do try to text them to see if their child is available before James does all this work. But sometimes he just wants to go check on his own.

On this day he wanted to go see if Sawyer was home. I noticed he was wearing a backpack. What's in the backpack?


"My iPad (really it is his Dad's) and iPod. And a Nerf gun in case we can play Nerf inside."


Sawyer was home.



I didn't think I'd be texting James already, at eight years old. He doesn't have a phone (yet) but his iPod makes it possible to text to other iPods and iPhones.

So I like sending him random "I love you" messages or things to tell his Dad when they're downstairs in the Man Cave.


I really did LOL! (Laugh out loud)


James is also pretty handy online. He likes visiting or using Khan Academy, a math website.

Learning about money here- en espaƱol!



James and his Dad are also exploring coding. I'm not quite sure what that's about- I leave that to Jim :)