Friday, August 15, 2014


One day I was cleaning and organizing James' room and I wanted him to try on the soccer jerseys that Tia Kiki sent him from Tio Berto's travels. He was uncooperative. Crabby face. Look at that 'tude!



Still too big! Definitely next summer.


It's all about Nerf




Waiting for friends. Waiting for some action!


Nerf Obsession

We have a full blown Nerf obsession.


A gun or two wasn't enough. James had to have a Nerf "vest" for his extra weapons and darts.


Nerf wars continue to happen daily. James is getting a rep for having the best weapons. Other kids are getting their own guns to keep up.



More girls! And two new friends- Gunnar and Ashley. Gunnar lives across the other street, near Chris.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Basketball camp

James had a week of Basketball camp in July. I was very glad that he was willing to try. So far he's been more of an individual sport kid, so this was his first big kid team sport. (He did t-ball as a 4 year old but he probably doesn't remember that!)

Half days for one week. I would come to pick him up each day and he'd excitedly show me how he can run and dribble, how he can pass the ball, etc.


On the second day he was noticeably sweaty and tired! But so handsome :)

He received this bright tshirt and his very own Skyhawks b-ball!



On the third day I found them doing lay ups.



Group ending.


Parents were invited on the last day to watch them play "a game". His age level didn't play a game but really just practiced their drills. The other (older) groups were actually playing against each other.

I still cheered and supported James.



There was a tense moment when james' partner refused to do the drills with him. I was able to figure out from a distance it was because they both wanted to use their balls for their partnering. They ended up doing Rock Paper Scissors to find a compromise.


Back in business.


At the very end there was an awards ceremony. The kids clasped hands and made this bridge. James was the first one through and he was thrilled!



All week long we heard about Coach Buddy. At the end of each day I did see the extra support she was giving him. I asked James if we should get her a thank you gift. He immediately said "orange flowers!" I thought that could be difficult so red flowers were the second option.

I did find some and I brought them on the last day. James was ready to give them to Coach Buddy.

It was so sweet! First girl (besides his Mom) to get flowers from James!




And guess what? Coach Buddy told us that she just was hired at Woodcrest as the new gym teacher! I guess James has an automatic "A" now!


Just like kids themselves

We went to lunch at Grandma Rose and Grandpa Larry's house and the water guns came out.


It was a leisurely fun day!




Another friend! Cruisin' the 'hood in the Escalade.


Drew lives directly across the street. They had the amazing fireworks on the 4th of July. They've lived there for quite a few years too and we've often called them "the hockey family". They have two (or three?) older boys who are ALWAYS playing street hockey or going to hockey practice. It's hard to not see their love of hockey.

So Drew is about 6. We hadn't seen too much of him until this summer. Now that James and Drew are acquainted, we see Drew outside all the time now. He clearly admires James and his Nerf collection and he's always eager to set up battle bases on either our deck or in the side yard with James. They play so well together! He's obviously a good little kid. #momapproved



Cooking lesson #4: Brownies




Wednesday, August 13, 2014

4th of July 2014

The new friends just kept happening. James made another new friend, this time across the street. Chris! He shares James' love of Nerf, Minecraft, and Pokemon.

We were pleased to accept a daytime invitation for a waterfight! Chris' mom set up some water balloons and we all brought over whatever water guns we had and then there was a great battle!

I sat on the front steps with the other Moms and had a front row seat.







Later that day we were invited back for some low-key driveway sparklers, poppers, and other exploding fun things.







We weren't sure if James would make it to 10pm for the city fireworks. Last year in Duluth he kinda fizzled out at that time.

We didn't know we'd have our own private show via our neighbors! Their fireworks were launched from the street directly in front of our house and they seemed to explode right over our heads! The kids were thrilled! Exclaiming and running around wildly!










And at the same time we could see the city fireworks in the distance. Actually, there were several sets of fireworks. I don't think we could have asked for more!